Mr István Pálfi


Regarding its philosophy our association follows the heritage of István Pálfi (1996-2006), member of the European Parliament who passed away tragically young. Politician of the European People's Party had taken part in the European legislation process since 2004 as member of the Committee on Budgetary Control and Regional Development.

Thanks to his degrees in the field of economics and human manager, and as a resident of Berettyóújfalu, a little town along the Hungarian Romanian borderline, he showed extraordinary sensitivity toward the economic and social problems of border regions. Not a coincidence that he actively participated in the work of the committee prepared the European Union regulation on the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation which is the most perspective instrument for decreasing the separating effect of the borders having caused lots of conflicts in the European history.

He was seriously ill in 2005, when he organized the seminars presenting the new instrument along the Hungarian borders and founded the Seven Borders Municipality Association which aims at enhancing cross-border municipality cooperation. With the establishment of our association, saluting his work, we aims to offer professional support to the actors of cross-border regional development and territorial cooperation in Central Europe for the sake of enhancing the European type partnerships between the people living here.

The government came into office in 2010 founded an award in remembrance of István Pálfi which is given to a professional in every year who prominently contributed to cross-border cooperation.

Datasheet of István Pálfi on the website of the European Parliament

Winners of the Pálfi István award

2010: Ján Olbrycht, Polish member of the European Parliament
2011: Michel Delebarre former President of the Committee of the Regions
2012: Danuta Hübner Polish politician, Commissioner for Regional Policy
2013: Luc Van den Brande, former President of the Committee of the Regions




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An annual meeting of the approval bodies of the European territorial association was held in Brussels on 18 September 2018, during which the István Pálfi Prize was handed over. In 2018, the Hungarian prize-winning was Imre Csalagovits, Head of Department of the Ministry of Finance, while the international winner was Dirk Peters, a leading foreign expert in the European Commission's Regional Directorate-General.


EuroAccess - A new online information point and search tool has been launched where you can search for more than 200 EU-funded programs. The platform is available here.


Our project, the SECCo2 – Youth for cross-border partnership and cohesion of the EUSDR andEUSAIR, got an invitation to the 5th Danube Participation Day which was held on 17th October, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our colleague, Enikő Hüse-Nyerges, project manager introduced the initiative to those interested during the afternoon session.


The first study of our project 'Legal accessiblity among the V4 countries' was published. The document on the Nordic Council is available here.


The ABS organized its second world conference, this year in Vienna and Budapest. Yesterday, on the way from Vienna to Budapest CESCI organized a field-trip to the Memorial Park of the Pan-European Picnic of 1989 located next to the border crossing point between Sankt Margarethen im Burgenland and Sopronkőhida. The program included three consecutive presentations: Béla Bartók explained the border regime in the time of Communism, László Nagy explained the events and circumstances of the opening of the border while Gyula Ocskay, linked the historical events to our current times by talking about the developments along the Hungarian borders over the last 30 years and about the present situation of cross-border cooperation.