Mr. Dr. Norbert JANKAI

In 1991 I got my degree in law at University of Pécs. In 1998 I graduated from University of Pécs as a marketing manager; furthermore in 1999 I also got an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree.

I have worked for 4 years in the local governmental administration sector as an employee and an executive; for 3 years in the business sector, after that for 4 years in the environmental protection field.

Between 2000 and 2005 I was the director of the Dunakanyar-Pilis Kultúrpark Kht.. In 2006 I qualified as a public procurement analyst. Between 2007 and 2009 I worked for the Ister-Granum Euroregion Development Agency Ltd.

Former and actual field of research: relations between the nature protection and society as well as the role of the marketing in nature protection, communication strategic activity of the natural parks; the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC), as new legal institution of the European Union and the theoretical and technical questions of its role in cross-border cooperations.

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Since 2012, we have been regularly organizing our professional event, the Oradea Process, helping the Hungarian-Romanian cross-border cooperation. This year, we organized a workshop, albeit online, with the Association of French Central and Eastern European Initiatives, during which French experts gave presentations on their experiences with cross-border integrated planning and development, and then discussed with local stakeholders the possibility of launching a similar strategic planning process in the region.


What are the benefits of cross-border cooperation? How and why do we use this tool? How do these cooperation projects contribute to the construction and reconciliation of the European Area?
These and similar questions will be answered at the webinar "The benefits of cross-border cooperation for European construction - 100 years after Trianon", co-organized by CESCI, on 28 October 2020 from 17:00.

More information and free registration here. The event will be held in Hungarian and French.


The b-solutions initiative opens the 3rd call for proposals. In doing so, applicants that are facing administrative and legal obstacles in cross-border cooperation have the chance to request support. Applicants can submit their application until 21st of September 2020. Please find all the relevant information for this call for proposals at


The Commission's public consultation on the future of transport has been launched. The consultation is available here and can be completed by September 23, 2020.


On 16 June 2020, the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), the Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT) and the Central European Support Service for Cross-Border Initiatives (CESCI) established the European Border Citizens' Alliance to promote cross-border cooperation along all European borders.