Institution and project development


In recent years a bad practice of cross-border project development and implementation has taken root in Central Europe. Local actors use cross-border cooperation programmes for satisfying their own, local development needs. Consequently, sustainable, long-term institutionalised and strategic cooperation cannot be developed. The parties meet in an ad-hoc way for the sake of a single project. Following the the project implementation the partners deal with maintaining only their own project package, the joint elements are fading out.

The mission of CESCI is to transform this bad practice into a good one, that of strategically based long-term forms of cooperation. Integrated projects can ensure the joint development of the projects and the long-term sustainability of the results thereof.

Institutionalised cooperation might guarantee a strategic approach in planning and financing.

In this field CESCI provides support in:

  • developing institutional frameworks for long-term cooperation (e.g. preparation, establishment and registration of EGTCs)
  • capacity building at the level of stakeholders interested in CBC activities
  • preparing and developing integrated projects
  • organization of training courses and workshops facilitating smarter project development at local level
  • sharing experiences and information related to institutionalised, strategically based cooperation.


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The b-solutions' 4th call for proposal is open! Border regions are beautiful places of encounter and exchange, where differences meet and merge. However, their growth potential is still limited by the presence of many obstacles that still make life and work across the boundaries a difficult experience. B-solutions' offers the technical support needed to understand how to overcome the legal and administrative impediments to cross-border cooperation. For more information visit:


AEBR Balkans and CESCI Balkans cordially invite everyone to participate in a joint conference on the occasion of 5 years of a very successful co-operation of the two organisations. The event will take place online on the 16th of December 2020, from 10:00-12:300h. See the program here and use this link to register: In case of any questions write to


Since 2012, we have been regularly organizing our professional event, the Oradea Process, helping the Hungarian-Romanian cross-border cooperation. This year, we organized a workshop, albeit online, with the Association of French Central and Eastern European Initiatives, during which French experts gave presentations on their experiences with cross-border integrated planning and development, and then discussed with local stakeholders the possibility of launching a similar strategic planning process in the region.


What are the benefits of cross-border cooperation? How and why do we use this tool? How do these cooperation projects contribute to the construction and reconciliation of the European Area?
These and similar questions will be answered at the webinar "The benefits of cross-border cooperation for European construction - 100 years after Trianon", co-organized by CESCI, on 28 October 2020 from 17:00.

More information and free registration here. The event will be held in Hungarian and French.


The b-solutions initiative opens the 3rd call for proposals. In doing so, applicants that are facing administrative and legal obstacles in cross-border cooperation have the chance to request support. Applicants can submit their application until 21st of September 2020. Please find all the relevant information for this call for proposals at